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The Invention Story of Sunglasses

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses fashion show today and talk about gossip, talk about the story, before that would like to first ask a question of friends often wear glasses, you know who invented the glasses? Glasses invented argument everyone is also different, the most professional to say: the glasses were invented in the mid 13th century by the British scholar Luigi ? Bacon. Next we chat with the theme of this blog: the invention of sunglasses, and the story of the birth. A statement of the invention of sunglasses, sunglasses was first invented by the Chinese. Mentioned this story before, we have to first mention the invention of glasses. The pro who knows glasses what name it was called in ancient China? Yi cloudy sky (aidai) is the ancient name of the glasses in China. Chinese literati & T. Hu, written in 1240, "Cave clear record", this period of record "Yi cloudy sky (love homonyms), similar with the big coin, color, like mica. Elderly vertigo and vision loss can not be read, so Yi cloudy sky wearing on the eyes, then they can focus again on the line of sight, the stroke is even more clear. Glasses in China, the earliest documented record of Italian literature as early as half a century. Therefore, there is a saying that: the glasses are invented by the Chinese (proud of it). So what kind of sunglasses in China, the earliest records it? According to current data, colored glasses, sunglasses, China's ancient invention, the record is this: the 12th century, written by Liu Qi Gui Qian, "it reads, Cheap Oakley Squared Sunglasses are manufactured with smoky quartz, generally only the bureaucratic Officer large people to wear not to block the glare of the sun, but hearing the confession, not allowing people to see his reaction. Look at it, the Chinese ancients smart enough, the original sunglasses to block the expression of the eye, The purpose of the stars wear sunglasses Oh. Two of the statement of the invention of sunglasses, sunglasses by the Americans invented. In 1752 Americans James Ayscoyugh, green and blue glasses to protect eyes from glare impact, the first in the world and glasses look like sunglasses, 1929, Edwin H. Lard invented a new types of glasses, to prevent the eyes of the sunlight. In 1937, this sun glasses swept the world. Statement of the invention of sunglasses, the sun glasses was born in ancient Rome. Some view that the earliest sunglasses was born in Rome, a specific time of year for 54 years. At that time, the Roman emperor Nero concave emerald and ruby ??correction of myopia, used to block the sunlight and to wear to watch the performances of the Jungle and open-air theater performances. The cultural story of the sunglasses, sun glasses and Italy. Friends know what? There must be a pair of sunglasses countries for which country? The answer is Italy. Sunglasses in the 1940s by the United States to Italy, but so far, Italy, on the innovation and development of the sunglasses have always played a major role. Three luxury brand eyewear manufacturer in Italy; street, indoors, in any place to see people wear sunglasses, do not be surprised. Italy is worthy of the luxury of all, the production of luxury Cheap Oakley Womens Sunglasses absolute global coverage.
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